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About Us

Lukoza - a company of the highest sphere of nanotechnologies. We are working to understand how technology is helping to solve problems, to achieve the desired effect and to exploit the opportunities and goals. We use innovative ideas and new approaches to create user-friendly, more efficient and reliable technologies to use them to make life more convenient to all our customers. We provide a wide range of products and services for a variety of activities. A wide range of products allows us to offer technology and services that best meet individual needs of our customers.

Our products

We invent and manufacture LED lighting. Our LED lights are used in large enterprises: factories, power stations, railway, underground, oil factories, stadiums and auditoriums. Lukoza invents lamps under the customers order. For example, we developed LED lighting for large excavators. On all products we offer a warranty of 5 years.

Global Responsibility

The global nature of Lukoza allows the company to have a positive influence on the development of society and the ecosystem of the planet.

Lukoza contribution to public life.

Lukoza tries to contribute to the economic, intellectual and social well-being of all the countries and communities in which the company operates. The main contribution to society Lukoza is electronic waste, raising standards of the global supply chain and ensuring cleaner production and manufactured products.


In fiscal year 2011, the company adopted a new Lukoza term strategic plan. One of the main objectives of the plan - to achieve sustainable growth and high profitability. But at the same time, the implementation of initiatives in the field of ecology is not less important to us. We will be able to walk confidently into the future, directing its efforts not only on the growth of the business, but also a positive impact on the environment.

Contact us

  • Official site: Lukoza.ru (Russian)
  • Sales URL: www.td-led.ru
  • Address: Russia, Moscow city, Electrodnaya str., 4B building
  • Tel/fax: +7 (495) 641-52-84